Does he want to do anything with me?

Most recently my boyfriend and I hungout after a couple of days due to his family problems that he didn't want to share nor did he initiate texting me. After those couple of days I text him saying I'm understanding when it comes to the problem but he could at least take 5 minutes to text me. he responded with "I will see you tom. I have a lot going on". We then went for dinner and I went on his phone when he wasn't in the room and I found a conversation he had with a girl that he liked and she liked him before. They had a passed. And he started the convo after 2 years of not talking to her going something like this "Its been a long time... i know we haven't talked a lot... but you are still the same girl to me." then she proceeded asking how i was doing and he said it was a long story. Then he proceeded asking her to hangout and catch up alone. I proceeded to cry when he came out stating my feelings and he got mad at me for going on his phone and said "you did this to yourself" i asked him if he cared about me the same way I did and he said "i don't fucking know" furthermore i also found out the family problem that was going on and it wasn't that serious so he was mad at me for that but seemed to not care at all about my feelings and the convo he had with that girl. I apologized to him for snooping on his phone saying i just wish you could share things etc., he responded with; goodnight ttyl. The next morning I texted him my true feelings about that whole convo and said that i deserve and apology as well and he didn't reply its been 4 days. i also called him and no reply. its like he has completely given up on us. He's stated I'm not his priority. and always says there's something going on in his life but never shares. he calls me selfish and immature for wanting to at least have talked to him for those couple of days that he didn't even contact me.


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  • I wouldn't fight for him.
    Let him go, he sounds like he treated a loving, sweet, kind person like shit.

    • Do I text him its done or just leave it? He hasn't replied to my text or call that i sent on Thursday. text was vary long stating how i felt about the convo he had with her and it ended with me saying i deserved an apology and he didn't reply.

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    • Thank you. Why do people act like that? like he couldn't even say anything...

    • He's immature and probably doesn't care how you're feeling. He could have been just looking for sex. Most guys are like that nowadays and the good guys have to suffer because of it.

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  • He is not worth your time.

    He does not want anything to do with you, hun. And that is NOT your fault.
    Leave him. He does not deserve your time and effort.

    • Why does he not want anything to do with me I'm 18 and he's 20 we have been together for 2 years. What did I do wrong.

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    • Just tell him you are done with him.

    • ok. Thank you very much.

  • It sounds like it's over. And tbf don't know why you'd put up with it

    • Yeah it does sound that way. What would bring him to the place of not wanting to be with me at all. Also why has he not said anything at all for ex; this isn't working. And is just silent? Will he not be hurt if I'm with somebody else?>

    • He probably knows your not. Or his feelings wernt strong enough in the first place

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