Guys, if you're interested in someone shy, how long will you wait for her to open up before you lose interest?


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  • 3.14159265.. days
    or pi days.
    like the saying goes:
    wait pi days
    for shy girls

  • Depends on what "open up" refers to. If she doesn't want to tell me her deepest secrets, no problem. If 'open up' means have actual conversation-probly not going to last more than a couple of dates. If 'open up' means to spread her legs for me... a shy girl I might give 4 or 5 dates.

    • Wait... you are under 18. Forget what I said. Why is there no delete message option here?

      Any guy worth having will wait forever for you to come out of your shy shell. Nothing at all wrong with being shy.

    • Why does age make a difference? Are you saying that when I'm 30 a guy my age (30) won't bother?

    • No, I'm saying I have no business giving advice to a teenage girl. That's all.

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