Am I weird to feel overwhelmed by the texting?

I met a guy at a bar. We talked for a few hours and exchanged numbers. He waited a few days and began texting me. This was two weeks ago and, because of our schedules, we haven't been able to meet up in person. We made plans for dinner this week.

The problem is that every morning, he'll text me "good morning" and after I'll respond, he'll initiate a conversation about my plans that day and telling me about his. He stops when I tell him I have to go off to work. Then, in the evening, he texts again asking about how my day went and the conversation stretches for hours until one of us says we are going to sleep.

All of this daily texting is frustrating. My issue is that I (mostly) hate texting. I feel like it's great for short conversation, like to make plans or send someone a funny picture or message. Otherwise, it really annoys me to have conversations longer than like 5 texts. I hate having to sit with my phone for an hour or more, typing texts and not being able to do any other task because I'm getting a text every few minutes.

In my friendships, we usually take hours to answer each other's texts if they are not time-sensitive. I'm fine with that and so are my friends so I'm not used to someone responding within a minute or two of me sending the text. I feel with this guy (and others in the past) there is the expectation I will answer promptly after he sends a text. A few times, I waited an hour and he texted back each time within several minutes. I feel like the guys I have gone on dates with hold it against me when I take too long to answer. I just get upset because I want to be out living my life, not glued to a phone having conversations about interests, hobbies, etc that we can have in-person.

I've had several guy friends who said that they would stop talking to women who took an hour or more to text back. What really is the expectation with texts? Does anyone else feel the way I do about texting? Am I screwing things with my texting attitude?


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  • I share your opinion on texting. In my one relationship I've had we rarely had text conversations, we usually texted to make plans and did most of our talking in person. I personally feel its better that way, but other guys may have different expectations.


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  • Not weird at all. I feel the same way about texting too. Its alright for short convos but daily texting to the point where it becomes the primary way two people keep in touch is a bit much.


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