Girl said she wants time to date?

I tried to ask this girl out and she said that she's still not ready to date. That she still has feelings for her ex eventhough she knows he's not going back to her. I told her I was not going to sit around and wait for her to make up her mind. She told me that she enjoys me being in her life, and that I make her happy. She also said that I should give her time, that you never know what may happen. Its been a few weeks and im still talking to her. I tried to leave but she kept saying I shouldint. What should I do with this?


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  • The balls in your court. Do you want to stay and wait for her, or do you want to move on and find someone else? She's just probably one of those girls who needs a very patient guy to be with (I'm the same way lol) and if thats not what your after, I think its best to let her know. Good luck:)

    • I do wanna wait, but I also fear that all my effort will be for nothing in the end

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    • *Shes still gonna try to find me

    • Tell her you're moving on

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  • Hey, stop thinking about it and leave, you're being set up for a very painful experience... she sees you as 'the rebound' and the second her ex shows interest she'll dump you... get out.. GET OUT NOW!!!

    • I wish I had the balls to just not care. Even if I tell her to fuck off she's still gonna keep on texting me and trying to "gete back" just like all the times before

    • Sometimes you just gotta say fuck it and move on or else you gonna hate yourself for a long time. I know too many friends who fell for that.

    • Yeah I know... shit!

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  • obviously you don't like her that much so leave

    • I do like her but I dont wanna be a dick either

    • If you liked her you wouldn't even have to think about waiting. You would just wait because you like her...

    • I dont wanna get fucked over in the end. Its what im afraid of you know?

  • You should go on about your life and date other women. If it happens it happens but you are just wasting time sitting around waiting.

    • And besides, Master Chief should have no problem picking up women after all you've already saved humanity.

    • Hahaha! I wish

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  • Leave, dude. Most men have hung out with a chick like that before. They Never come around. You are just wasting your time

  • Leave.