What to do when you swing from one extreme to the next?

What do you do when you swing from extreme to extreme

Ok there was a girl in my class who I liked we talked twice outside of class, she even gave me Tim Hortons one day as I was writing a paper in the library and said she was happy she ran into me. I friend requested her on Facebook which she accepted a couple weeks later I ask her what her plans were after class Wednesday she responds I have to go to my English class next why? I respond saying that I would like to take her out to dinner. I get no response from there do I send one more message saying I thought you seemed like a cool girl that's why I want to. No response on that either so a couple days go by I get more frustrated and sad so I end up unfriending her on Facebook. I felt rejuvenated and also a turn of the tables like if you ignore me I'll just unfriend you. But now I think I hurt her because she never misses class and she didn't show up the other day.

Thanks for opinions


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  • I don't think it's about you.

    • You should go take a walk, clear your head. Maybe even check up on her. Not cause chaos

    • I'm not causing chaos

    • Also she didn't show up again today

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