Taking a break, but not seeing others?

I'm not gonna go into detail, but pretty much the relationship moved too fast, its a long distance, so my partner wants a break, friends with potential. We both said we wouldn't date around and I am giving him a ton of space, not gonna contact unless he does 1st. He doesn't want to lose contact w/me and cares about me. I know sometimes people in general need time to think. Could a break be beneficial?


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  • Long-distance relationships need regular contact and communication or it won't survive the distance. People either want to be in your life or they don't. If someone was indecisive
    about being in my life I'd make the decision for them by walking away.

    If the relationship is moving too fast then things should be slowed down, but that doesn't include less contact

    The less contact people have then the more likely their feelings will fade. Relationships need compromise , sacrifices and communication. Without these 3 things a relationship /friendship won't last

    Having a break doesn't change anything, because communication strengthens a relationship... silence causes distances.

    • He said he didn't want to cut contact cause he knows i do. He wants to be friends 1st

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    • I won't cut him off completely but im totally gonna leave it in his field

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • A "break" is a breakup. He only wants pussy with no commitment


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