I don't understand what he wants or if he misses me?

My ex and I broke up a few months ago, due to long distance and the arguing being too much. Then went NC where I'd still include him in my snapchat sending and he'd open them all but then I stopped doing that and just put them on my story. For a few weeks he would check my story and see all of my posts. I still didn't message.

Recently, he's started looking at all of my snapstories again. He still follows my personal tumblr blog as well. I sent a Heya a few weeks ago, which he saw immediately but didn't respond, and he opens all of my group snapchats to him and others immediately. I recently sent a selfie where I looked really happy/out with friends, and he opened it, deleted me off snapchat then re-added me in the same day. He continues to check every one of my stories every day.

I included him in another one since he was keeping up with me, he checked it during a night out, and then immediately checked my story (even though my snaps are automatically the same on my story). He is a very shy and anxious person and tends to not say anything when he doesn't know how to convey his feelings, but I don't understand whether he misses me or not.


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  • " He still follows my personal tumblr blog "
    didn't feel the need to unfollow.

    So on snap i click through everyones story to get rid of the notifications.
    If he removed you maybe he's bitter.

    Anyway no point obsessing over this, you sent him a message and he blatantly ignored you. Heya isn't something that really provokes a response in these circumstances though haha.

    He might, if he removed you he was bitter but lately I've been removing people and being removed by people, when neither of us actually removed each other. Maybe it's just my Snap but it's been bugging out the past week HARD.

    Anyway if he ignored you thats all there is to it. If snap didn't just bug out he probably didn't want to see you so happy so soon I guess, did you break up with him? Best to move on especially if it's long distance, just causes problems.

    • We kind of broke up badly because it didn't seem like it was going to work with the long distance I guess...

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    • Yeah he's probably not happy in general so seeing you 'showing off your happiness' probably doesn't agree with him haha. Either way just let it die in my opinion.

    • I guess so but it has been a few months. He also sort of ended it by saying it was 'too much' so I don't know. Thank you so much for helping me!

  • Who cares he's an ex and needs to stay that way


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  • It doesn't mean anything. He is just curious

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