So there is this guy?

We'ce been texting and going for drinks for about two months now, and two days ago we finnaly hooked up (not al the way) i haven't heard from him since and i kinda like him. i need guys logic right now, what is this shit?


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  • Communication is a two-way street, you could try to get in touch with him yourself. If he ignores you after that, then you know he's no longer interested.


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  • He might be back.
    All that was shopping for two months.
    The payoff of lack thereof has no details to read, so can't be figured into this opinion.
    Either he's distracted by catching up with two months of neglecting obligations due to spending time cultivating you OR
    he was shopping other gals, one of which DID payoff and now holds all of his attention for awhile, anyway.

    When you've got them by the balls, their hearts & minds will follow