If a guy said he hasn't told anyone about what he told me to anyone before, not even his past relationships?

So I have a few questions to to ask. This guy I've been talking to it's only been a day we have stuff in common and so we were talking about a subject which I won't say because then it'll give away what he told me in confidence. He said he hasn't told anyone before not even his past relationships? I'm guessing that's a good sign. To me what he told me didn't the the biggest deal but I'm glad he told me. He's starting to get more open up to me. Then I said something and it pissed him off, and I apologized a lot and I said I would make it up to him and I don't know how or if I should. It hasn't been that long to. So then I asked him what he's looking for and he said anything really and that he's lonely.. And that he is interested in talking to one person and in brackets put me and getting to know them. What are your thoughts?


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  • Seems legit. lol


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