Can someone please tell me if I can do better than this?

Hi :( basically I am dating my best friend and I feel more connected to him than to anyone else in my life. But maybe it's just due to the time I've spent communicating and being with him :/ I don't know.
Im 21, he's 23, I'm in law school, volunteer, have hobbies I'm passionate about, eg I play bass in a band. He's very musical, but he lacks direction and ambition in his life (jobless, didn't attend university). I understand that he wants to work towards his dreams but he seems to have employment problems.
His family loves me, mine not so much, my brothers think I can do better.
I cook for him all the time, buy him video games to play with me, yet he never kisses me anymore or shows me affection or says I love you or anything like that. He just takes me for granted. He goes for days without calling me sometimes. Not sure what I should do :(


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  • That is because you are available. You have put him in the position of a bet. Men are hunters and love the chase. Of course he takes you for granted, he isn't in a position where he Wants you. You are a constant. You do your thing and try to better yourself and he just rides your coat tails...
    Flip the fuckin script. stop babying him and have him do things for You. You cook for him, how about he cooks for you.
    From previous experience, there's not much he can do about the employment situation, but there are gigs and odd things he can do to pass time or earn a little.
    Believe it or not, YOU might be the reason why he isn't putting so much effort, i mean, why do stuff when you can just go along for the ride...


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  • It's not that you can do better, it's he doesn't deserve you. You deserve someone who can give you love, affection and appreciate the things you'd do for him

    • really? seriously? this is the female support train group thing i talk about... sounds like you are giving advice... but in reality... you haven't said anything. Prove me wrong... point out what is in your sentence that will help her?

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    • of course not. its not happening to you so i get you don't understand it.
      random question.. you have guy friends? like actual guys... not just people with penises?

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  • it sounds to me like you two are better off friends than in a relationship

    but generally speaking you need to communicate your feelings. that seem to provide you with attention, emotional or physical intimacy. that you are worried about his apparently lack of direction and all other things


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  • Yeah, you can do better. Not because he doesn't have $$$, but because he takes you for granted. A man shouldn't take his woman for granted, ever.