She agreed to a date, but we find no specific day?

I met a girl through online dating. We like eachother and I asked her if she likes the idea of meeting in real life. She totally agreed. So I asked her if she has time today or tomorrow, and she said she don't know yet. On Friday she said sje can tell me on moday (today) when she has time. So we keeped talking and today we were chatting again and I asked her if she knows when she has time for our date. She red the message about one hour ago, but did not answered it yet, should I be worried?



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  • Move on! She is either too scared to meet you, or is not interested but does not want to hurt you.

    • She said she is shy (so am I).
      She seemed to be interested cause we keep chatting through the day

    • If she is shy, first try to talk to her over the phone. Once she feels comfortable, ask her out on a real date.

  • I think she is just nervous about the date or felt you were too interested , maybe just back off a bit and ask her again in a couple of days , if she still doesn't agree to a date and time just forget about the idea