Dating multiple people?

does anyone else feel like the practice of dating multiple people at the same time just feels wrong? every time I've dated in the past, I've wanted to just take one potential relationship at a time... and once I started going on dates with a girl, I just feel GUILTY going out with other girls

I can't imagine actually building an emotional connection with someone knowing they can date multiple people at the same time.



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  • I totally agree with you. I like the idea of sticking with one person at a time. The more people you add to the equation, the more complicated things may start to get. What if you are dating two different people at the same time and you start to find interest in both? How would you choose one person over the other without feeling like you could have missed out on the person you didn't select? That just seems to overwhelming for me!...Everyone has their own preferences though. If you ARE going to date multiple people I suggest you just be honest about it from the get go if one of your potential mates asks you if you are seeing other people!


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  • i definitely could never do that,

    and I really hope my boyfriend can't ether.

    i know some guys do but wow, they must feel so guilty.

    idk how I would ever look at my boyfriend again...

    I'd feel SO bad.

  • It's fine. It's a date not a marriage proposal

    You go on dates so you can figure out if you like someone enough to have a relationship with them.

    Going on dates does not = relationship

    If you're not in a relationship your single


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  • Tell them upfront that you are seeing other people, I hate wasting time on a person and 6mths later you find out they were faking and being something they are not, in the mean time you missed out on people that you should have been with...

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