I don't know where to meet my types of girls... help?

The type of girl i'm into seems so rare these days, seriously it would eb easier trying to catch a shiny mewtwo...

I'm 23 and quite mature for my age and my type of girl can be summed up (roughly) with the following


- No Kids
- Mustn't Smoke or do drugs
- Must be accepting of geeks or be a geek herself
- Must be open minded in bed

Rest of it

- Have a head on her shoulders
- Genuine
- Caring
- I don't mind confident women but i'm more drawn to shy women
- Hourglass figure preffered
- Long Hair
- Ideally she'd be a dancer, horse rider or guitarist (those are a bonus not must haves)
- Big Boobs (i'm a boob guy)
- Not a party girl in the regular sense (i HATE clubbing i'd much rather go to the pub or a nice night in)
- I don't mind 'plus size girls' if they have curves in the right places
- Not a fan of chubby faces though
- Prefer young looking faces

That pretty much sums it up. Seems like no matter where i go the kind of girls i go after are either:

- Taken
- Much older than me (like in thier mid 30s)
- Don't acknowleadge my existance

I can't seem to find girls like this normally now i'm on dating sites; OkCupid, POF and Tinder but i don't really hold out hope for those, but i'm not sure where i could go (generally in the real world) to meet girls like this

Apologies for wall of text, i can explain more via PM if you want to (IK i'm anon but you can say "message me")

Note: I do take dance and guitar lessons but the girls at dance class are either already taken or are above 40 and guitar lessons are private so...


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  • That's such a specific type of girl. Is there a girl you fell in love with before who matched these qualities?

    If not, how about broaden just a tad? You never know who you might end up falling for. My type broadened more and more as I dated more women.

    I didn't even realize what qualities I really wanted in a girl since my original type was based on what I imagined I would like instead of what I actually experienced. Each girlfriend kind of helped me to figure out what I wanted.

    • Well i'm not gonna lie my first love did have a lot of those features. But the only ones i apply to all girls are my deal breakers and the one about hair and the chubby face

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    • That should help a ton. Small villages will make you get really tired of unambitious people there if you stay there a long time and have bigger aspirations or very different outlooks on life. It's also hard to meet lots of new people.

    • I've lived in the same bvillage for all my life (minus the 3 years i was at uni)

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  • Life often throws up surprises and you could end up falling in love with someone who's non of those things. Love is a funny thing and sometimes you just gel with someone for reasons you can't fathom , its those kind of relationships that are the best

    • I'm all for that, but that still provides the problem of not knowing where to look for the kind of girls i would normally go for...

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    • My husband is older than me by 11 years , age is just a number. There is no law stating that you have to date women your age...

    • I'd rather not date someone who could pass of as my mother... too cingey i don't mind dating older girls but past 30 i don't think it'd have much in commmon with them i may be very mature for my age, but my intrests are stoill all very "young person like"

  • It may be the area or country you live in. Granted, there will pretty much almost always be smokers and drug addicts, people taken, and people with kids. Your kinda girl seems like they'd more commonly live in the country where there aren't as many influences and women 16-24 where they haven't had as much time to get into those kinds of things or be in serious enough relationships to have kids (if they are being responsible) possibly a busy college student?


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  • You sound too picky

  • they'll come to you eventually.. its just a waiting game really

    • I'm very quickly loosing both hope and patience to the point where i activley try to avoid couples as it brings out my depression and anger

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