Is he intimidated and shy or just not interested?

Okay so I was talking to this guy online and things were honestly perfect, I could have easily fallen for him and he was so driven etc.

Now we had our first date (he was 15 minutes late due to traffic) and he was very affectionate, sweet etc. but there wasn't anything special that I felt when he kissed me, no butterflies or a wow moment. Despite that he kissed me several times, and we agreed to meet again.

I thought why not, lets go out on a 2nd date, things might be different. He turned up 30 minutes late due to being hungover. I was dressed up this time however, looking smart in a dress and heels from a job interview beforehand. He didn't pull me close or towards him, no flirty touches and only kissed me goodbye at the end of the date. He did stay pretty close and there was lots of good conversations. He said he had a good time.

In the beginning he was saying goodnight and good morning and now there's nothing. We haven't even spoken for 2 days and he hasn't been the first to make contact. We're also both applying for the same type of job and i'm genuinely excited for him. While he can't even wish me good luck or say congrats for passing through the next stage. I really do like the guy but I honestly miss the guy he was before we had our first date.

Guys am I right in thinking he's no longer interested, and that I should send him a text ending things? Or should I simply leave it? Any advice would be great.

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  • He might be busy, I would ask him if everything is okay or if he's stressed about anything, maybe work or family, whatnot, but it does seem like an abrupt drop off. Usually unless I really like the guy I would just drop them because I usually ask for a little more attention and they don't seem interested in giving it.


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  • There is no butterfly. Kissing is kissing. I think he should leave you, you sound too cliché and demanding.


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