Too catch a predator too young for sex?

So I was watching Chris Harrison: to catch a predator.

So people tend to think it's okay for children (14-17) to have sex with other people their own age. They consent to it, they know what they are doing.

However, if they consent to an older man, even if it's something they are into because a ton of young women find mature older men more attractive, why is it illegal?

They both are consenting in both situations and the teen isn't being coerced into their actions.


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  • They justify it that if they're the same age neither knows the other isn't mentally mature enough to make that decision where as an older person does

    • But with sex ed doesn't that make them informed enough to make the proper decison?

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    • I'm not condoning it. I'm just curious as to why there is a stigma against it if both are consenting.

      Driving over the speed limit is illegal too.

    • It's just because no one wants their child going with someone a lot older. And as they're still growing up until 16 - 18 it can be stuntfully to their growth and they are easier manipulated
      Yeh it is but people still do it, as do pedo but they both stoll get jailed if they get caught

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  • do they ever catch women on that show? because plenty of women fuck younger underage guys too and nobody seems to care.


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  • It is illegal to have sex with an underage minor regardless of the age of the other person. If they are both underage they are both breaking the law.

    • So then why do parents and schools condone this behavior? If society thinks otherwise, don't you think these laws are draconian?

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    • Nono, I was talking about teaching sex ed and promoting the use of condoms even though they know it's illegal for minors to be having sex.

    • OK. Now I understand what you are saying.
      It is probably a good idea to do both as school kids are going to have sex regardless of what the law is. I started with penetration sex at age 11. Really did not care or think about how legal or illegal it was. We were too young for that.

      Was much younger with the same girl of doing, "show me your I'll show you mine". It went from looking in amazement by the both of us to wanting to touch. It eventually lead to a couple young kids having sex and absolutely no idea what we were doing. No Internet back then to teach us. Only a few pictures from an adult magazine.

  • I found a pedophile.

    • No, I have a girlfriend of age (22) and I'm the same age. I was just curious because I have seen people here talk about having sex with older men (18+ women... I think) and having sex at a very young age (12? I think is the youngest I have seen someone post here before). Both are never condemned. But it's only condemned when young and old come together.

    • I condem it and a lot of people I know also condem it.