No kiss on the first date? Should I call this one a no go then?

1st hangout: Bowling and Dinner: He pays. He then proposes a date.
2nd Hangout: A date. We watched a movie and dinner. During the movie and after we held hands. He stated he won't let me pay for any of the dates until the 3rd one. But I ended up paying for the food on this date. Everyone was calling me pretty and he even told me his brothers girlfriend saw me on snapchat and said I was pretty. At the end of date- we hugged and I told him we should go eat somewhere else again. He said yeah, but he didn't kiss me. Now I'm wondering if I said something wrong or maybe he didn't feel an attraction to me. Now I'm feeling insecure because I tried really hard to be myself. Dressed up nice, I got the movie tickets and paid for food. Made me wonder if it was even a date. He didn't propose to see me again or text me after hanging out. Feeling a bit sad right now.


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  • He's just taking things slow.