I've got her number, now what?

Went to a Anime/ video game convention the other day.

There was a cute girl there dressed as linkle from hyrule warriors and she was with a friend.

I approached them and said to the one i liked that i thought she looked cute, and that if she was single i would love to get her number.

She said yes and I went to give her my phone to put in her number, I asked her name and her friend had to help her take off her skintight leather glove so she could use my phone.

I made some chit chat about asking what they were doing at the convention and if they came to see or do anything specific. We talked for a while and seemed to go well, i went to leave and said ill text her some time.

After getting home and waiting like 3-4 hours later i text her saying "Hey georgina! It's Anton, here's my number. How was the rest of AVCON for you?"

I still haven't got a response and i sent the text Sunday and its now Tuesday arvo.

My thought is to call her tonight and ask her if she wants to go out this weekend. (If i call her i find out if the number is real aswell)

She did seem very interested and when i asked for her number she seemed pretty ready to give it up. What should be my next move?


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  • Text her. Chat her up


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  • Text her tomorrow or in a couple days and set a date... Tell her you have been pretty busy lately but if she wants to see you to set a date and try to stay away from texting till then

    • Should I call her instead to see if it's really her number when I ask if she wants to go on a date?

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    • Found out its her real number, used snapchat to see if she was there and she was.

      So at least i know the number is real!

    • Hey you are on your road to greatness man... Keep me updated through sc mine is kingmario98 goodluck bro

  • She hasn't replied in 2 days? That's not good. Girls cling on to their phone like if it was water. Give it one more try. If she still doens't reply, 100% move on

    • Should I call her and ask her out? That way I can see if it's a real number and if it's hers aswell?

      And what about adding her on Facebook.