How to get over a good terms breakup?

Bad timing with the perfect man. My heat hurts


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  • I'm bot gon' lie to you say you can do this or that to get over it. Just go with the flow don't try and speed anything up because most mistakes and regrets are made during that process. There's a 50% chance it might be a good ideas but don't forget the 50% chance that it might not be. There's only so much you can do to get over a good break up , a bad break up will be easier to get over coz the fact that its bad means that there's less at risk coz its already ruined at the break up but the good one is tricky so I'd rather you let nature run its course so you won't have to blame yourself for any future regrets and or mistakes coz there's nothing worse that self blame, trust me i know. Hopefully i helped... Good luck.

    • Thank you :) it hurts and I want him back but I know it is for the best.

    • No problem i understand what you're going through believe me.