Did he lose interest? Does he just want me for sex?

I matched with this guy on tinder. We went to the same school and would go to the same parties and shows a few years ago. We never really met before though. I messaged him first with a simple "hey" and he took the reigns from there. He invited me to an art gallery reception but I was out of town so I couldn't. We texted all week everyday and then he invited me to a show. He got us in for free because he's a photographer. It was nice we had fun. He was super close to me the whole time. His coworker ran up to him when we walked in and was like aren't you excited? And she stopped whatever she was going to say next and was like "oh wait this is awkward I'm going to go!" And she did a uturn and left. The guy I was out with also told me his roommates were teasing him about my hometown so I guess he told everyone about me or something. He ran into a lot of friends but didn't introduce me, I just stood there.
We went to a bar after that and he was still really sweet and close to me and kept displaying PDA and being territorial and stuff, which was kinda cute because I have always thought he was hot. Anyway I asked him come to my moving away party and he said he didn't want to interrupt me and my friends and counter invited me to a show that was happening later that night. I couldn't make it so I asked him to hang out the next day instead. All he said was for me to go to his house which I did. We watched videos for like 5 mins and he immediately started flirting with me / kissing me. I got uncomfortable and told him to stop. I'm moving to another city a few hours away in like 2 weeks so I've been uptight about that. He was perfectly okay with it and asked me if I wanted to go eat so we did. He asked me later on what else I wanted to do so I just drove us to a bookstore and we were just wandering around. We hung out for like 7 hours. He was very close to me the whole time and staring at me and would like pretty much not let me out of his sight.

We went back to his house so I could charge my phone and his roommates were there. He again didn't introduce me but stood really close to me even though we were in his living room. They left a few mins later and he started kissing me again, I had to work early so I told him I would just see him later and left. He looked like he wanted to say something but he didn't. The problem now is that he hasn't texted me at all since the day we hung out which was 2 days ago.
Something I noticed was that he kept asking me a lot of questions and even asked me what I wanted to do, he was being pretty passive and letting me decide everything. Is that a good thing?
When we went to the first bar he told me about a trip he's going on for a month and invited me. He knows I'm moving in like a week but he told me he liked me and I said I like you too but I'm sad I'm leaving and he said "it's okay we can make something work." Why is he ignoring me now? :(


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  • he's ignoring you because you rejected him like twice when you were making out. It is possible though that he only wants you for sex and since you rejected him he's trying to move on. He didn't introduce you to his buddies because you dont know that well each other yet nor you are his girlfriend. Its been only 2 days though. He might text you later but he probably backed off since it seems that you want to take thigns slower.

    • So I should just move on? It doesn't make sense because when we were hanging out he kept hinting at moving to the same city where I'll be moving to and invited me on a 1 month long vacation with him next month...

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    • I've also dealt with too many fuckboys and been disappointed so much that I refuse to go through that again.

    • Look. I dont know him and I dont know what he's like. I dont know whetever he's just a player that just wants sex or if he's a decent guy. If you think he's a decent guy and you like him I would wait couple more days if he texts and if he doesn't text him. Guys appreciate if girls put at least some effort. he's already done most of the work. Anyway you're moving away so he probably just wanted to have a good time since once you'll be away it probably wouldn't work anyway.

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  • The best thing is to ask him or else you won't truly know