I started taking to this guy and I really started to like him , he lives in another state so we never seen each other. I honestly caught feelings for him , wet allies on the phone so much that I forgot we had never seen each other. he asked me for money one time & I didn't think anything about it.. I sent him the money & we continued to talk like normal. My bff knows him.. She knew him before me however once me and him started talking I realized how fake she was.. She had been talking to him about me behind my back. So recently I seen him on Twitter talking to another girl.. I confronted him about it & he acted like he didn't care. So today I get on snapchat and my ex bff is talking about me indirectly & she's saying that she can't wait to see him. Should I call him and tell him how he's hurt me? Because he told me that he stopped talking to her when I did. I know I've been stupid about this whole situation.. But now I just need advise on what to do.


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  • "he asked me for money"
    YES! You are being stupid.

    Block his number. Block his social accounts. Delete his number from your phone.

    Find someone else.


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  • What to do? Do nothing to it as to prevent any stupid behaviors move forward. There's no confrontation needed, as you guys not even boyfriend girlfriend, not even dating, so why should he care? Why should you confront? Sending him money? You should give this a huge red flag especially you didn't even know him, or even seen him in person, he is literally a stranger, and please don't tell me that was a huge amount of money. Girls can be dramatic, they often say bad things behind each other backs and nothing to worry about. You can u friend her of course if she hurts your feeling, but I don't get the part why you think that you have to tell the guy is hurting you. You know he didn't, he wouldn't and he is not obligated to care about your feelings. If you tell him this and his responses is I don't care, isn't it hurt you even more? So please, do nothin, move on and live like this thing have never happened. Good luck.