Going through the "I miss him phase", will he contact me?

I know this "I miss him a lot" phase won't last indefinitely, I took a couple months of grieving after I left the 1st guy that I loved and pine for him once in awhile. I started a LDR w/guy that i connected w/. We went out for about a month and one time spent 1/2 day together. He wanted the relationship and to continue despite the distance. I should have listened when he said he wasn't over his ex, even though he claimed he wanted to start fresh and asked for us to be exclusive. A little bit after he left, I noticed a distance growing and not the miles. He grew pretty cold, but kept reassuring me that he still cared for me. I grew tired and talked to him about my feelings, he didn't listen and I told him I would start dating other guys. He freaked out, but then the distance started growing again. I wanted to know what was up and at last he told me he wasn't ready, he wanted to be alone and the relationship was moving too fast. He was afraid to get hurt and hurt me, now we are "friends". He did not say we possibly couldn't get together, but I don't plan on texting him and I haven't heard from him in 2 days, but he wasn't all to thrilled about me seeing other guys cause he wouldn't be seeing anyone. I am deeply hurt. He seems interested cause he told me he is almost ready to say I love you and cares about me a lot. If I hadn't pushed for the truth tho I feel like that frustration would have lasted maybe another month. Will he contact me? I am giving him an infinite amt of space right now.

by the way I am not going to sit around waiting, if another guy asks me out I will go on a date.


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  • No he won't contact you again sorry


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