How does a guy get out of the freind-zone with a shy girl when a semester earlier he was pretty much"one of the girls" in our small social circle?

Long story short I joined a small church social group within my young adult group. In it the ratio was 6-2 for every guy there were 3 girls. So I became almost one of the girls with her and our friends. This last semester more of the guys started going to our young adult group that I know from the youth and several came back from college. So this semester I have been hanging with the guys when ever I could. I still talk with the girls frequently. I have recently started liking one of the girls from the small social circle that I am close friends with. So what is your advice on how to get out of the freindzone with her?


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  • Be more flirty towards her, tease her more etc.

    • Anything else you suggest I do around her differently?

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    • How do I make her think that I'm not always available for her?

    • I have heard that a few times and I always wonder what that means.

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