Are scandinavian guys heightist?

There is a myth that scandinavian guys reject girls under their national average height. Is it true? Is there any girl who have dated with a scandinavian guy and not that tall?



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  • I am a pure Swede yes I like tall girls. But I will date shorter girls if I am attracted to her face

    • So, some swedes said it is very common for swedes to reject a girl because she is short, is it true?

    • I dont live in Sweden I live in the USA Miami FL but I assume most tall guys like tall girls. I myself am tall.

    • Well most American guys are not against short girls, however most of them prefer petite. But I think scandinavian guys are not agree with them :D (look at the other responses)

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  • I'm 5'5"... I dated a 6'5" swedish guy for a while... They don't seem to like short girls, but it's easy to get them to warm up to you lol

    • "They don't seem to like short girls.."
      Why did you said that? did he said something like "I wish you were taller" ?
      You are not short by the way, I am an inch shorter than you

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  • Never heard of that one. I am American, but mostly of Scandinavian origin. I definitely prefer tall girls, since I am tall myself (6'4''), but I wouldn't reject a very attractive woman just because she is average in height. I probably wouldn't date a girl who's too short, though.

    • What is too short?

    • Well, below 5'4'' would be too short I guess. Then again, a girl that short probably wouldn't want to date a tall guy like me either.

    • I am 5'4" :D

  • Great, more choices for me.

  • Pure Swedish
    Having preferences does not make us heightist or superficial.
    Yes, tall girls are our preference because they are basically more elegant and sexier. I personally dont date woman under 170 because they have bad proportion and look weird with me since I am 183cm tall.


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  • I am from scandinavia (norway) and I have never heard of it. Every guy has his own preference.
    If I'm gonna speak from personal experience, then I've always dated very tall guys and I'm "only" 5'3". Never had any problems

  • I am 5'7" and even I have told I am too short by a guy (Denmark)
    Yes, they are picky about height and most of them have a strong preference for tall girls.