Is he losing interest in me or just not into texting?

So I've been seeing this guy for 3 months now (officially dating for 2). Things are going really well from my standpoint and im falling hard for him.
Recently his texts to me has become less - we used to constantly text and don't anymore which im fine with because i realize we both need lives outside of each other but the past few days i've noticed he hasn't sent me goodnight texts like usual and he hasn't included kiss emoji s. He has sent me good morning messages and initiated texts and called me babe and we have made plans to go out tomorrow night. I know he isn't to keen on texting before he met me he would get phone bills with text his guy friends 100-200 times a month but since meeting me its been in the 2,000- 3,000 range (because we text when we aren't together)
Is this texting less something i should be concerned about? or not? I really like this guy so im nervous that im being annoying to him/ being to clingy. NOTE: we are both 21 and i don't send him more than 2 unanswered texts.. at that point i let him reply (to which he normally apologize for not texting)

Thanks in advance for reading and replying :)


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  • I don't think he's losing interest. IT's just sometimes when we text a lot it tends to taper after awhile cause your trying to find different things to talk about after you exhausted a lot of topics. He still says good morning and calls you babe so that says a lot and i'm pretty sure you guys have a lot of fun when you are together. Don't overthink it.

    • Thanks for the reply! and yes we tend to talk about our day and plans for the evening/ make plans via text and other than that there really is no conversation going on!
      Overthinking is my downfall - thanks for the reassurance. I was nervous about seeing him tomorrow but in person he will either a) be the same or b) act different which would be a red flag!

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  • A lot of guys I don't think are that interested in texting. I personally am not.

    • thanks for the reply - he deff isn't big on texting. Just out of the norm to not send me a goodnight message.

    • A goodnight message is good, but more than that would be too much.

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