Based on my profile pic I am good looking or nah rate me?

I'm a good looking or nah? Rate me on a scale of 1-10

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  • I think you should start if you haven't. Jogging is great man. There are so many benefits to it :D you will look better, be more healthy on the inside, meet new cool people, and have fun. I used to be chubby like you back in highschool but it all changed after about 3 months of exercising.


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  • As it looks like you don't put much effort into your looks, I'm going to say slightly below average

    Having said that... I see a lot of potential here :)

    • Like what can I improve on?

    • Go to the gym and get shredded

      Find a style that fits you

      Do something with your hair

      If you can grow facial hair, do it... it will hide your weak jaw line, if you can't (I couldn't until 22)... go completely clean shaven... the semi penciled in stash and chin just gives off a creepy vibe

    • Yeah ok thanks man

  • Well the poll says it 🙄

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