Does he like me?

Okay so I knew this guy for a while & we're all in the same group of friends & two weeks ago we started texting and hanging out & I got so comfortable with him the day we first started hanging out, he told me how great and fun I am and he was so respectful & nice to me & treated me so good and bought me food and took me out and invited me to a party & when we talked we could talk about anything and he used to look at me and smile and notice little details about me like when I'm driving and he was so open. But he wanted to take things super slow & he got out of a relationship 3 or 4 months ago just like I did. He even wanted to wait to have sex but we ended up doing it anyway one night bc we were drunk but after that he wouldn't force anything. He would also compliment me in person & was just so sweet. But after like 2 weeks were over he texted me telling me that he's always busy & that he's "chillen" and not looking for anything bc I fall too fast and too quick and it's too much for him. A couple days later I snapchated him and he snapchated me back and it started again. He was drunk one night when I was upset about something and I was crying and he texted me so much stuff like "I wish I was here to come get u, I'm so sorry, you can sleepover my house whenever u want, I would literally wife you, your such a nice girl" and was calling me babe and told me how drunk words are sober thoughts. And made me feel so much better. But the next day we talked about everything bc I wanted to be with him & he said he only liked me as a friend and it was a mistake coming back to me. WHYY does he confuse me. Like why does the only boy whose ever treated me so fucking amazing do this, does he have real feelings for me at all? Like will he come back to me? I told him I was done trying but in my heart I really hope he comes back to me bc he treated me like I was his girl & I just started to catch feelings. Ugh help pls. I need some good advice


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  • yes he like you and will come

    • Do U really think so? Your a guy so your opinion means a lot bc u know how a guy thinks

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    • well be honest with me!!

    • I am positive I believe in good things even when everything bad

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  • he might have been confused as hell , he definitly liked you but he feared that it was going on too fast and now he is closed and doesn't even want to get anytime soon in a relationship. see you should respect his decision and try to move on. if he is any good for you he will come back but waiting for him won't do you any good. just think that you deserve to be fully loved from someone , if he did he wouldn't have left or said any of those things


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