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Okay so on the weekend I went to the river with two of my girlfriends, and my boyfriend and his guy friend. We were all drinking. My girl friend (#1) was taking care of me ( puking ) , and obviously my boyfriend his friend and my other girlfriend (#2) were hanging out. The next day us girls al got together, and girlfriend #2 was showing us all the pics from the other day. It was all fun and games laughing about the pictures until the pics turned into just selfies of her and my boyfriend. Like a lot. (Note: before hand she said she deleted the really bad ones ) i felt it got a little awkward for me and gf#1 and then all of sudden she has no shirt on in the pics, just her bra and my boyfriend behind her kissing her cheek. WTF. I haven't talked about it with him, I tried just brushing it off. But the more I think about it the more I'm like wtf. What do you guys think?

Note : girlfriend #2 lives in a different province and just came down for a visit.


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  • thats like borderline cheating in my book. and she deleted the really bad ones?

    • Yeah, I'll never know what they were of.

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    • That's the weird part! Ever since she showed us the pics, and we dropped her off. She has had NO contact with me..

    • i would suspect she is up to something

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  • I would leave him and beat the hell out of het


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  • I think you shouldn't get so waste that your puking like a lightweight bitch to give another chick the oprotunity to move in.

  • wrong turn

  • Were you all drinking? It was in poor choice but people do dumb things in that condition

    • Yeah we all, we barely ever do. Our third time in over a year. Ugh and probably my last. How humiliating.

    • Yeah you definitely won't , lol

  • what is your question

    • Sorry! Lol what do you think, is that weird? Should I say something? Or was it nothing?

    • it is weird dont say anything and it was nothing

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