Girls, Girl with boyfriend always smiles when ever she sees me?

Me and this girl had a crush on each other for months Never spoke to each other apart from saying hi. She would always stare, smile , play with hair , purposely walk past to get my attention and blush really badly. Or look at me day dreaming. Even came to apijbt were she shoved her transport pass with her name on it in my face when the ticket warden came. I was really shy she assumed I wasn't interested as I kept disappearing what I noticed was even after 3 months of not seeing me she still remember me and that's when she was trying to make moves? she now has boyfriend when I come back for her. I let her know by commenting on her fb picture without adding her. As when I saw her with her bed she was trying to act like he wasn't her boyfriend. So I seen them both the following day she had a big smile when I walked upto the stop and her boyfriend noticed whose was smiling at when he came to meet her. He magicly appeared on the same carriage as did she. When he turned away she faced me and stared into my eyes with a massive smile biting and licking her lips. Then I got off early avoided her boyfriend and she sent me a message to back off? So he obv forced her to? As she only done it after him seeing me the day after. Anyway I followed up with an email on LinkedIn explaining I'm sorry , I didn't mean to cause problems , I was meaning to speak to her be sure she's really beautiful but due to work I couldn't and that I was meaning to introduce myself. I also Saudi don't expect a response and k hope in the future we can get to know each other. So she hasn't blocked me on that but she changed her picture straight away lol to a more casual one as the previous was wayy to professional so I'm just wondering what do you guys think about this situation. She's highly intelligent aswell which makes her more complicated but I'm sure you girls would know abit more about what she's thinking and what's making her do all this? I don't want she won't stop smiling at me if she sees me


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  • He finds you attractive but because of her boyfriend she can't get closer to you. And when you threatned to not be closer to her she changes her photo to get your attention
    (I tink)

    • I didn't threaten I just explain that I was sorry if I caused her any problems. And that she made me feel shy because of the way she would look at me and stuff. That I was meaning to speak with her but couldn't. And that I won't approach her but I hope in the future we may cross and actually speak to each other. And why would she do all that then? Is it a message or something?

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    • Hmm , maybe she didn't know it was me and was moaning about some random guy commenting and then she realised it was me lol and he already seen the picture by then. I don't understand why she would want to tell him though this is what's really confusing to me. She may of bragged to him about me to him abit but lied threw her teeth making it look like I'm the douche lol. Anyway she didn't block me until he seen me the following day and she hasn't blocked me on linked Ino that she liked me even after 3 months of not seeing me it seemed asif she hated me disappearing and it upset her? Like if I stopped catching it everyday she would stare at the ground or day dream I spotted her doing it and then when I would get on she would look suprised. As I say you may understand her as your a female I think the fact that she's practically a academic genius and a female make her that more confusing lol I mean what do you think of the whole situation?

    • Look, not every woman are the same so just go with the flow, she's going to do something at some point so don't let this affect you a lot. Now she probably thinks that you really want to be her friend and that you don't really care about their relationship