Guys, if you are into a girl, does it put you off if she likes you back?

I know this sounds like a stupid question. But I have read a few dating advice articles recently that say that you should keep a man chasing in the early stages and not let him know that you like him back, or he will be scared off/lose interest as the chase is over.

Is this actually true?

I'm not talking about messaging too much or being pushy in any way, I just mean if you can tell the girl you are seeing likes you back, and enjoys being with you, finds you attractive etc., and could be thinking of you as a potential boyfriend, is that really enough to put you off?

  • No, if I'm into her I'd be glad she felt the same
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  • Yes, if I know she likes me and the chase is over, I lose interest
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  • Yes, if I know she likes me, I get scared that we might end up getting serious
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  • Yes, if I know she likes me, I wonder if I actually like her anyway
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  • Yes, for another reason (please comment below)
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  • While it is true for some guys to get scared because they are shy or lack confidence or experience and this is why they close up - but the majority of guys absolutely fucking hate the chasing concept and mind games women seem to like to play. Always always always show your interest in return. Many guys cannot be bothered to play that stupid kids game and will simply move on and leave your ass in the dirt!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on the guy i know some whos self concept is so lacking once someone showed interest they either thought it was complete bs or had such egos their self esteem tells em they can do better everytime so they loose interest each time the women reciprocates. Not all men r like that but I've known a few.

    • Thanks, I have heard of that before actually.

    • A man I knew turned from the first one into the second one, once he realised he could get women.

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  • Frankly, it depends on every person, but I don't think some people fully understand how much of a relief it is when the person likes you back and you can avoid rejection altogether.

  • Who wrote those dating "advice" articles, women? I always see women giving other women dating advice, how to get a man, what a man likes... it's like a man giving a woman advice on how to deal with the third trimester in pregnancy -_-

    If you like a guy, go for him. If he likes you back, he'll be more than happy that you weren't one of those stupid girls that play games.
    It's a huge relief to know that she's into you.

    • No, written by a man actually. But he is trying to sell an ebook or whatever, so maybe he's just trying to get girls to feel insecure so that they buy it.

      Thanks, I do usually do that, just enough so he knows I'm interested.

  • Dude that makes zero fucking sense. "Yeah I really like you and want to be with you but I dont want you to like me back".

  • i dont understand how a man can become scared from someone liking them that makes no sense. i love it when a girl likes me back.

  • I hate chasing -_-

  • Guys are very sexual creatures. Now, I wouldn't be put off completely, but keep in mind that some guys don't want to get serious. Being considered a "boyfriend" isn't very appealing. Some of us just want to make out.

    • Thanks, good to hear another opinion.

      I'd never mention it unless he did, normally I just respond to things he says, like if he wants to introduce me to his friends, I'd say yes, stuff like that. So that's how he would know I'd like to be his girlfriend.

  • hell no, not true, who ever wrote that dating article is a total shit head, and probably a player. or written by a woman whos also a total shit head.
    seriously if i found out a girl likes me and i like her i would be soo happy, but she would have to come forward and tell me etc. though.

  • Women give other women the worst advice about dating men. Just talk to men, just approach them. Everyone should be approaching everyone.

    • Thanks, but a lot of dating advice for women on the internet, especially articles, is written by men actually - they tend to use the angle of "I'm a man, so I should know"

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