O girls really like it when they guy they like or might like gives them less attention? As compared to the guy going after her and courting her?

I saw this in another question where a girl said that she was unsure about this guy that liked her. He backed away and because she wanted his attention it made her like him more. What are your guys thoughts on this?



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  • no. t males people insecure and doubtful and maybe speak you out more, but it doesn't make them like you more, and the kind of attention you get is neurotic and erratic. plus they will end up resting you ultimately bc its humiliating to worry about someone liking you. some might just walk away bc the sense you are trying to manipulate their feelings. anyhow you dont want the kin of people that get off on that. they are not stable.

    I like it when guys are honest and ave board. i hate games, truly.


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  • If I understand the girl mind correctly, it is as follows.

    Does he desire me... does he really want me and into me?
    Do I feel secure and safe?

    That said, if the girl has some mental barrier to the guy, such as she is stuck on another guy, she only likes tall guys with red hair, etc.. then your constant attention can be annoying. you'll sense whether she she is saying stay away. As well, a guy can seem "needy" and if that is the case, it is poison because it is trying to take something from her rather than give to her.

    So I think and what I've seen, if he is interested and conveying good energy towards her, they want it... and they want it constantly. A guy can disconnect and be fine. the girl wants a constant sense of assurance and love and security.


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  • More like the opposite

  • Um no. I'd much rather just have someone that actually tried to court me. I just get insecure and doubtful if he is constantly backing away

    • That is what I thought

    • Yeah. I really feel bad for any girl that thinks it's fun. Guys too.

    • true I hate when poeple play games like that

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