Is this guy nervous to meet me by himself in person or something? Your thoughts are desired?

Soo I added this dude on Facebook. I get guys asking me out a lot, and I get compliments that I am "unique and gorgeous." But I'm beyond shy so I suck at social stuff :( Anyways, I took up all the courage to ask this guy to chill.. He seems like me, introverted and shy and I don't sense he has much female experience. Just take my word on it.. I stalked him on Facebook and I think I'm correct. He's 26, and I saw one girlfriend a few years ago and no other female stuff on his fb. Maybe not but he isn't a jock. That's for sure. He's into reading and music. Anyways, I asked him out! Last night online! I just asked if he wanted to chill, maybe smoke since he smokes... Id have to drive to where he lives since he doesn't own a car and financially he isn't well bc all he does is play for his band. We live maybe 40 minutes away. He responded last night that he had to check his schedule for work (? Band? maybe unless he works a crappy job).. And he said "yeah more than likely" he would like to. I suggested for this weekend or Friday.

Well today passed and he never got back to me (yet..). He seems interested though, like before he told me he would be very interested in continuing talking and that he definitely would like to go out. But now I don't know.. Maybe he's just being nice. What's strange is that this evening on Facebook he invited me to his band's show in a couple weeks. He made the event and added like 1/3 of his friends on his list and he included me... So that's something right? Do you think he just doesn't feel comfortable meeting me by himself because he's nervous since I'm supposedly "beautiful and unique"? Or should I be more forceful and ask him if he looked at his schedule? Why hasn't he gotten back to me if he agreed to?


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  • Ask him if he has looked at his schedule. I mean come on, your putting aside your own time, so you guys can hangout. Why can't he do the same


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