What is your best or worst Online Dating experience?

what was it like for you? did you enjoy it?

online dating is typically easier for women than men. some guys will be lucky enough to even get a response


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  • Mine is non-existent. It wasn't so popular in my time. Closest thing was bars and night clubs.

    It doesn't seem that different though from what I gather. Whenever you have this environment that is focused heavily on opposite sexes interacting with each other, the superficial qualities rise to the top of importance, since people go largely by first impression.

    So for night clubs I had to go the gym, really put on my best clothes, be very confident. It taught me how to kind of harness my personal image so that I can attract people more on first impression.

    I think building up an army of friends and networking is better when you want to find people you are attracted to on a less shallow level, and also who are attracted to you on a less shallow level. It goes beyond first impressions in those cases, and I found some of the best girlfriends, including my wife, through this networking and social process.


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  • Dealing with serial daters and flakes 95% of the time.

  • Met both gfs online both dumped me

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