Girls, what if a guy you don't know comes to you and ask you out?

So, I keep seeing this beautiful girl outside when I'm going out with friends, and I keep giving her that gaze, you now, looking into her eyes for like 5 seconds and then I continue in my way. The thing is that i try to make her realize I'm into her, so it will be easier to ask her out, its some kind of a strategy for me. I'm a good looking guy, tall, well rounded, I'm going to the gym for 3 years now, and I think am kind of a smart person. What if I just went to her and introduced myself, talk for like 3 minutes and then ask her out? I know I have a too good opinion about myself although I know I meet those standards, but let's just stick with what I said and give your opinion based on that please.


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  • Hmmm. Depends on what you thought about asking out. Asking to get coffee or something? Sure if I didn't think you were a creep. Asking to be your girlfriend. Then I'd say no.

    • Just asking out

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    • No problem~