What this sentence mean?

I talked to my crush today and he told me that he had a bad dream about me that I became a bad girl and do drugs etc.
and I was like "aww you dreamt about me"
and he said "I dream of you in other times"

what "I dream of you in other times" mean?

thank you!


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  • probably he daydreams about you sexually?

    • I don't know..
      "I dream of you in other times" mean that he dream of me more than once?

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  • It could be true of him dreaming about you as a bad girl... anything can happen in dreams... and even I dont get what he tried to say by telling he dreams of you the other times... I think you must had asked him what sort of dreams he has the other times... thanku


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  • Sexual, romantic, more then once etc. If he's dreaming of yu good or bad, it means he's thinking of you all the time.