Guy invited me out, but I feel no attraction to him?

I was talking by emails with one guy for several days. He sent photo... and he is clearly not my type... Well... he is too thin 4 my taste. Like mick jagger (his figure looks the same).
But i am new to this town and often get bored. So maybe i should go out with him just to talk and nothing more. As i have absolutely no attraction 4 him... Or should i tell him the truth,. cuz maybe he hope for more than just friendship?


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  • You are giving him hopes and will lead him on if you go out with him.

    • No hope, not my type, no attraction

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    • bur at this moment i dont have much money, as my salary will come only in 2 weeks. so maybe i shoudnt even go

    • Then yeah, you shouldn't even go. Tell him you want to conserve money. And if he insists on paying, that is the moment you tell him that it is not a date.

  • Don't string someone along, tell him you're only looking for strictly friends.


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  • Did he ask you to go out as in date or as in hang out? Because boys can think of girls as just friends. Otherwise, definitely make your motives known. If you want him as a friend let him know your greatful for his friendship but don't lead him on

    • He asked to go out to sit in some cafe, restourant