Is he just stringing me along?

My 25 year old ex boyfriend and I broke up 3 months ago as we fought daily (he moved out after us being together for 2 years). We had a huge fight, and i called the police to escort him out. We still remained talking, i went to see a therapist to deal with my anger. Slowly he went out of town for jobs, he would ignore me for days, then come back and tell me he loves me and wants to start fresh! We saw each other 2 times in the past 3 months... anyways, he only communicates in cute pictures, and wants to talk about work. I have to force him to talk about our relationship, where i have to squeeze out of him that he misses me, and wants me for life etc... he still has our photo on his facebook, and still has almost all of his things at my place... I know he is hurt, but is he just not interested?


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  • i don't really feel like he's stringing you along since when he talks to you it's not romantic. it's just friendly. you may feel like he's stringing you along because you are hoping that these convos go to a deeper place (e. g. re-establishing the bf/gf relationship) but based on what you described it doesn't sound like he's stringing you along


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  • Yes he is

    • what makes you say that?

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    • Because I'm a guy and I know how they think and the things they do. Good enough?

    • haha yep, thnx

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