Would you consider PokeDating?

It didn't take people too long to hop on the Pokemon Go bandwagon- they've now released this new online dating app called PokeDates, designed to help single Pokemon Go players meet up with other single Pokemon Go players and catch those elusive little animated creatures together, as well as swap Pokemon stories, track down Diglets and even battle against one another.

The dating service gets players to meet up at a prearranged PokeStops or PokeGyms. From there they go out and explore the city together. The service, which costs $20 (roughly £15), will select a match for you, find a time that’s best to meet up and track down the nearest and most convenient PokeStop or PokeGym to meet at.

All you have to do is answer a few questions so the matchmaking team can find a suitor who shares similar interests. Once the date has been arranged, both parties will receive information about their PokeMatch. The service, created by dating company Project Fixup, is only currently available in the US, but high demand may lead to it being extended to every country where the Pokemon Go app is available.

“As soon as Pokemon Go launched, we knew it was a perfect fit for our users; Pokemon Go enthusiasts and new members alike,” said Sarah Press, Project Fixup CEO and co-founder. “Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm and it’s more fun to play with a companion. We hope PokeDates will bring singles together to experience the joy of the game and explore their city while getting to know one another.”

So, what do you think about all of this? Would any of you be interested in the PokeDates app? And how would you feel about being asked out to go on a PokeDate?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Figures they would take the idea and make some dating service out of it. I personally wouldn't use it seeing as I have no need to.


What Girls Said 2

  • Personally, as great as this can seem - be careful. Do you really want to date someone over the common ground of an app? This would be a great way for luring to happen. While it may not happen all the time, be careful. There is no guarantee of knowing who someone really is.

  • No. Just no.


What Guys Said 2

  • Excuse my French but... get the f! ck out of here. I can't believe this is real!! When I saw you post this I thought you were joking until I googled it. What is the world coming to smh.

    • Hey, when you've got a craze that's big enough to overtake 'porn' on the google search indexes, you'd have to be a fool not to try and cash in if you can.

    • Yeah, I can't argue with you there.

  • You have probably noticed them by now. Adults dressed like children, eyes rivetted on their smartphones, pacing with awkward and nervous strides around your local roundabout. Here they come, the Pokemon masters!
    Pokemon Go has been released for a bit more than a week now and is already the most downloaded application in the history of smartphones. An experience so immersive that it feels like real life, according to the players.
    It sounded positive at first. Millions of people sharing the same passion, a game that accomplishes the feat of bringing under direct sunlight the likes of morbidly obese recluse David “Diabetes” Futrelle, loads of fresh air, and so on, but the dangers of the phenomenon start to surface. Some will think I am stating the obvious but we do not need more mindless entertainment. Pokemon GO is just another Trojan Horse and here is why.
    1. Gotta watch ’em all!
    Oh, if they say it then it must be true
    But duuude! This game does not share my info!
    They track you. You thought they had enough with Facebook trading your data? Not quite.
    The game needs 24/7 global position. To get connected, you need to have a Google account that allowed (or still allows) access to your personal details (name, emails, photos etc.). They know which trainers you hang out with and where. A Holy Grail for a Police State.
    Behind that project, Niantic Labs and its CEO John Hanke (a Google “Let Me See Your House” Earth veteran), the Pokemon Company, Apple (Champion of SJWs and Latte Activists) and PC Behemoth Google.
    The usual suspects behind this intrusive game
    The usual suspects behind this intrusive game
    2. Gotta distract ’em all!
    Pokemon or my unborn child being born? Decisions. ...
    But duuude! This game is played outside and makes me walk!
    It is simple. This application sucks your time and your energy for something that does not exist. It is an endless reserve of unproductive entertainment, designed to lock you into a comfortable, mindless loop.
    Some will say that I am a killjoy with no Pokefriends and should join the Saudi imams and their anti-Pokemon fatwa. That what is written in books or found in art is equally imaginary.
    Books and art bring reflection and knowledge. That game brings nothing of value. As useless and life sucking as those mass player games that have people locked indoors weeks at a time.
    Unless you wear a 50 lbs weighted vest, it's not very effective