Are these signs of sexual tension?

- attention seeking
- making prolonged eye contact with each other from a distance
- locking eyes
- trying to be around each other all the time
- unable to have a proper conversation one on one and feeling uncomfortable when you're alone together
- blushing
- getting nervous
- getting a rush of adrenaline the moment you see each other
- staring at each other when the other one is not looking

Some more:

- fidgeting while talking to each other for eg - the guy makes exaggerated hand movements and the girl pushes her hair back and touches her lips
- the guy checks her out for eg - looks at her up and down even when he knows she's watching, raises his eyebrows and slightly opens his mouth the moment he sees her, his face sort of freezes while staring at her


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  • Most definitely. All of that happened with my ex before we dated. If you can feel the tension, there is probably tension there.


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  • Yes, those are definitely signs of sexual tension, as long as you know these are mutual signs between the two of you. Make sure it isn't just you blowing things out of proportion because you are crushing on him because we tend to do that as human beings. But if all of those things you described are happening for him too then sounds like you got a nice thing going. Show a little more interest, and he might decide to act upon it. Smile at him, acknowledge him further.

  • I'd say so