Where do I stand now?

I met this girl and things went great but I do admit I kinda took things fast without me realizing it. She broke it off cause and told me there's still a lot she wants to take care of with her life and she still wanted to be free this summer which means it's free game for her. I said cool, do what you gotta do. I'm not in love but she is a cool girl to hang out with. So my only opinion on it was damn. We did make out for awhile that night she broke it off and it confused me. I gave her some space after that started hanging with other girls, two days later and she contacts me cause she was sad about her family situation and we ended up hanging out that night as well and we made out again. She has been making some contact with me everyday since. I still flirt with her sometimes and sometimes I don't and usually I stop the conversation. I asked if she wanted to hangout again sometime this week and she replied fast and said she is down for it and is excited. So does she like want to still date me and take things slow? Or is she using me as a back burner...


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  • I think she likes you.

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