I texted her after 4 months no contact, now what?

I reconnected with a girl I haven't seen/heard from in some months and I used to like her and I still have a thing for her. We hung out a little in the past, but the whole thing dropped because she stopped hanging out. But I texted her something funny and she replied with something funny back, something that I technically don't have to respond to. Now what? I don't know what to do from here.


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  • make fun of her a little, then ask her to hang out. It will confuse the sh*t out of her enough to want to figure it out

    • The funny thing I said was making fun of her and she texted back blaming it on me. I plan to text her again tomorrow to counter what she said, making fun of her again. Should I wait a couple days before asking her to hang out instead of asking her right after I make fun of her?

  • Geez how on earth will you breed and pass on your DNA just kidding txt her flirt, ask her out the usual