How to get over a broken heart?

I ended the relationship with my ex a week ago because of the disrespect, the fact we were in a 5 month non- committed relationship, and selfishness on his end. He ended it because he didn't want to be friends as I suggested. I felt I did the right thing. However he Facebook messaged me. I have nothing else to say to him because he hurt me. How do I get over how he treated me? I don't plan on jumping in a relationship anytime soon. I would like to use the next 2-3 months to myself.


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  • I think the best way is to just take some time to yourself, like you mentioned. That's really the only way to heal from a relationship ending. You can use this time to do things for yourself. Find things to do such as a hobby to keep yourself busy and your mind off of him. Spend time with family and friends, the people who really care about you. Soon enough, you will realize that you don't miss him anymore and that you've moved on. It just takes time.

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