What do you think when you see a white guy with an Asian girl?

My fiancé is this really really Asian girl, as in I met her in China when I was working over there. Of course she studied in NYC so she is really good at English and familiar with American culture, but she still acts really Chinese at times (which I think is cute). Anyway so sometimes when we go out to eat we get odd looks, I live in Michigan and Asians aren't that common here. We also get looks when my fiancé and I speak in Chinese which I think might be because we are speaking a foreign language rather than because we are an Asian/white couple. One time we were out walking in the park and it was the strangest thing ever, we had a few people say things like "Oh great to see you two out today" and "Glad to see you and your girlfriend are enjoying the weather" and "You two look so cute together"... normally in my area people dont do this, at all, but for some reason everyone was talking to us and saying things like that. Bottom line I'm a little curious as to what people think of a situation like this. When you see a white guy and an Asian girl together what do you think? Does it change your thoughts if the two are talking in some Asian language?

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  • I really don't think much of it. Literally my thoughts would be oh a Asian girl and a white guy you don't see that everyday. Then I would go on about my day and probably never think of you two again.

  • If the girl is hot I think, "I'm going to go steal her from that dude." If she's not hot I don't think nothin'.

  • Asians are kawaii as fuck so lucky dude