Guys, What do you find most ideally attractive in a girl?

What I mean by that is what are your preferences? This is a demanding question I guess, but I am just trying to get an idea of guys and their diverse 'types.' I am so confused in general, partially because of the media. Sometimes I feel like guys only like super skinny model type girls then the next day I feel like I should try to aim for the more curvier phsyqiue. I just don't know anymore and Id like your feedback for clarification.

What is your favorite (or preferred) ___ on a girl? :
- Hair color and length / eye color combination
- Body type

What is your favorite (or preferred) ___ on a girl? :
- hairstyle
- amount of makeup
- outfit (ex: jeans or sweats, sweatshirts or shirts)


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  • I'm not going to answer your 'list' because those things are really superficial, and really unimportant, when you find a person you really care about! OK?
    Most importantly, she has to be TRUE to herself, and be HONEST, and BE HERSELF, and not try to pretend to be someone she isn't!! That is the MOST IMPORTANT THING!!
    It doesn't matter if she hates her hair, or she thinks she is fat, or she is embarrassed that her breasts are too small or too big!!
    What matters, really, it the PERSON, she is!!
    Anyone that thinks your weight matters, or clothes, or breasts, or any of that superficial sht matters, probably isn't worth your time to talk with!!
    Whatever 'beauty' you might have, fades with the years, as you age. If you focus your relationships just on looks, what do you think will happen, in 20 years, when you don't look like you did?
    If you like each other, because you get along, share interests, like some of the same foods, and just like being together, THAT is a REAL relationship, and will probably last for decades, as you grow older, and more comfortable.
    If you must know some physical preferences, I can tell you some of mine, but most will mock them!
    You are a little too young, so this is a 'Rated G' version:
    I LOVE cuddling, and snuggling in bed, with a lady I love. Not sex, just being close, maybe in the spring, or fall, with the window open, a little rain outside, and a cool breeze.
    I like little breasts, and I hate when some are so ashamed, thinking that they need some crazy big ones like in some movies or whatever.
    I like long hair, and I love when she braids it, like a 'Dutch Crown, or a little braided crown, bringing all the long hair to the back, with this nice braid, so it isn't in her eyes!
    I love her natural color, and not bleached or dyed!!
    I like when she is a little soft, and cuddling, around the middle, and bottom, and a bit of a 'muffin top' just makes me smile.
    When we go out, I make a special effort to find a place she will just love, so if she doesn't eat much, it offends me!! At a special place, it is OK to just 'pig out' and enjoy it!! That is the point!!


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  • To answer your list directly without weighing in on how this question could mess with your idea of how men are in terms of what they want in a woman or how none of this really matters is this:

    Hair Colour: Anything Dark
    Hair Length: Long. Mid back or lower shoulder blades preferably
    Weight: A little on the heavier side. Not overweight but have a bit of a belly
    Body Type: Curvy (I guess)
    Eye Colour: Dark Blue, Hazel, or Green
    Hairstyle: Down or in a Pony Tail
    Makeup Amount: Minimal. I dislike makeup. If I touch her face I shouldn't get a handful of foundation and/or concealer.
    Outfit: Whatever is comfortable but I find a girl who is comfy in a T-Shirt and jeans or jeans and a Tank Top to be most appealing.

    That's my answer to your list and as promised I won't weigh in on the morality and things this question could end up screwing up for you.

    Good luck!


  • The absolutely most attractive thing on a girl is her intelligence and personality. Hairstyle could be about anything if it's clean and nicely cut. Makeup could be anything as long as it is well done. I am generally attracted to women with little or no makeup, but I am also attracted to women who are definitely made up, if it's artistically done. There is a woman here who has a 1940's retro look and carries it off perfectly. Very hot. I prefer feminine clothes - skirts and heels. I'm flexible about body type as long as she is not grossly obese. My favorite is about 5-4 and just tiny bit thick. The other deal breaker is tobacco.

  • Well my standards are very high, both physical and personality standards are very high. It's hard to explain and it's a long list as well. However I'll only answer to what you have asked.

    1. Hair length: Well maintained short, very short. BOY CUT hairstyle only.


    My thinking is a lot different than other men, unlike most other men I absolutely love short hair, BOY CUT hairstyle on women and yes it has to be short, or very short. I find it absolutely appealing and attractive. Hence shorter the length of hair, the more appealing and attractive it is to me mind and my eyes.

    I absolutely dislike " LONG HAIR" on women, totally dislike ( no offense to any woman that's my thought process)

    2. Body type: Physically fit, or slim, lean body.

    3. Amount of make up: Well maintained and a little bit of make up is absolutely fine.

    4. Outfit: Casuals, jeans, sweat shirts, sleeveless tops, and any other dress which would be modern. Shorts are fine but should be at least to knee length, should not be ultra short in length ( should not be exposing most of her legs).

    Hope my explanation was clear

  • I like girls with very short hair, any color except blonde, but preferably red (ginger)
    I don't really care about the eye color, but I have forest green, so green would be a nice match
    I like slightly curvy girls, and I don't care how tall they are, and they don't have to be very slim, I hate that. Normal weighted are the best girls.
    I don't like makeup altogether but, just a little wouldn't hurt...
    As for the outfit, I like casually dressed girls.
    Tight jeans, with a shirt, and sneakers... That's sexy to me...

  • Humble, sensible, loyal, forgiving, understanding, gentle, deep minded, hearted and a deep, kind, well fed soul. Someone that's able to have a proper conversation and not just "what's up?". The kind of girl I look for has a seemingly fragile body with the strongest soul and heart ever. I want to love someone that's true, honest, transparent, joyful...

    I value personality more than physical traits because I know that love can last a life time but a f*ck only lasts minutes (hours at best)... and plus. I want someone intelligent, wise, ah! Enlightened! Awake! Conscious! MINDFUL!

  • i dont find super skinny type attractive at all. she should have some curves
    hair and eye color do not matter but her hair should be long
    little makeup

  • Honestly, if I find you pretty, ima find you attractive. However, if you are asking for what kind of preferences I have. Then I have a thing for pale females, bright eyes. Blonde. Body type, average, im okay if you look chubby. Hair color can be anything though.

    For the bonus, I think blonde hair. For the others, doesn't matter for me.

  • i dont care about looks as much as i care about inside beauty, her maturity and her thinking, by the way if you still wanna know it then i would say, i like plus size women

  • I am fine be very honest with you without suger coating anything...

    That I like a little curvier girl with big medium shaped boobs...

    For example -> Kate Upton... I don't find small boobs attractive... Or a girl that is too skinny... Check this out

    And this

  • Her character. Smart, stubborn, opinionated, crazy (in good way), and most important is that she have some code not just to twist and turn things depending on situation...
    looks is in second place and style in third.
    I am crazy about female hair, black (or red) crazy tick and longer preferably curly (dont like ironed, looks lame and cheap). Proportional body kind of athletic (not usual starvation and dieting slim) and am not in to chubby girls but that anorectic skinny or skinny fat is :S. I dont have problem with girls having some muscle here and there as long as its not that hardcore sharp look. As for style well something simple not much (or no) makeup no fake nails just simple sporty look or something elegant with discreet makeup. From what i saw most girls dont even know how to do discreet make up, they are like more is better and almost look like clowns :S Some guys just hate fake things.
    Yes if girl dont have something about looks that instantly kill my interest she can actually get my attention only on character same as most beautiful girl can kill any interest with crappy character.

  • Anything my eyes like and suits her :P

  • In terms of physically:
    Hair down to ass length is nice, colour I prefer black/brunette.
    Decent tits, skinny, fairly big ass.

    • @posted

      Ok, so you like women with very long hair!. No surprise, I guess most men do like long hair on women. However my thinking regarding this exactly the opposite.

  • For me, what matters the most is what is the inside. But of course I would need to be physically attracted to her. So my ideal women would be:
    1. Dark hair, with either long or mid range length of her hair.
    2. Either blue, green or hazel eyes.
    3. Body type can be slim or thick. But would prefer her to be a bit thick.
    4. Not too much makeup, just a good amount would be fine. And if she looks good without makeup, then that'll be perfect.

  • Hair- long and curly, brown or black
    Eyes- hazel
    Body- thick with booty. Lightskin ( but love any race, and shades)
    Hairstyle- depend on the women
    Little to no make up
    Tight sweats and t shirt

  • Generous with sex.

  • Like a fit thick chick. Yeah lol

  • Hair color and length: I don't really care about hair color. But I will want her to dye it orange once in awhile. For the length, I would say, 70% I want her hair short, about neck length. 30% I want her hair long some times.

    Eye color: Again, I don't really have a preference.

    Body type, look up MyCherryCrush. She has the most perfect body to me.

    Hairstyle: I answered that already, I guess.

    Amount of makeup: Not a lot. Makeup damages your skin over time. Maybe just some eye liner and eye shadow once in awhile.

    Outfit: It depends. Some times, I like a girly girl. Sometimes I want her to dress sluty, but only for me. Then I want her to dress emo-ish. As long as they don't wear those terrible boots with fur and please no stupid flip flops.

  • Guys are not shallow...

    We care about the personality more than physically aspects...

  • Girls who are not fat.

    Girls with nice hair.

    Girls who wear clothes that show their body a little.

    Girls who are nice

    Girls I'm sexually compatible with who like me.

  • It REALLY depends on which boy. :/
    For me:
    - No preference on hair length or colours
    - Athletic-ish type, taller than me
    - Any hairstyle that looks nice
    - Little to no make-up
    - Casual clothes

  • - personality- a sweet, gentle, affectionate, compassionate, decent personality and is forward about her feelings, love and sexual desires, for me. wants a serious/committed relationship, with me, and she is the one who approached and asked me out. doesn't smoke or drink. doesn't judge my feelings.
    - Hair color, doesn't matter, length- shorter than shoulder blades/boob length longer than shoulder length
    - eye color- any color
    - Body type- average not fat not too thin.
    - hairstyle-simple straight or wave, no curls, hair could be tied up or pulled down or half up half down.
    - amount of makeup- none. i want a natural beauty who doesn't need makeup.
    - outfit- simple and comfortable shirt tank pants skirts no grandma looking school teacher dresses
    - face- gentle and sweet looking no piercings
    - other- no piercings and no tattoos

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