American Girls, What do you think of a guy that has an interest in the Japan?

I'm a white guy from the US but for the past 4 years I've been learning Japanese with the ultimate goal of moving to Japan. Whenever I tell this to girls they all seem to get turned off. I'm a pretty attractive guy, and I'm easy to get along with so I usually hit it off with girls when I talk to them, but then I tell them I want to move to the other side of the world and they seem to lose interest. It is easy for me to get foreign girls (particularly from Japan and Korea) because I understand their culture, I've been to their countries, and I can speak Japanese. At my college I've dated a few Japanese girls but the American girls just dont seem interested. I would prefer to marry a white or at least American woman since that is what I am, but they just seem to ignore me once they find out I want to move to Japan. What is the deal with that?

  • I think its good he wants to move to Japan, but I wouldn't pursue a long term relationship with him
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  • I think its weird that he wants to move to Japan
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  • I think its cool he wants to move to Japan and I would move with him
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  • I'm a guy passing through and/or my favorite color is burgundy
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Wow the question title is supposed to say "in Japan" what a weird typo, my bad.


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  • I mean, I don't really think anything of it. Everyone wants different things in life so you should pursue what you want. However, a lot of American women are not going to want to move to the other side of the world. So you have to expect that most women here probably will not want to pursue a long-term relationship with someone who wants to move that far away.


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  • Most White men who are interested in foreign cultures and women irrationally assume that White women don't want them, without actually ever having asked a White woman out, in effect rejecting White women themselves.
    White women assume you have "yellow fever" and hate them.


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  • Not everybody would agree to move to another country with their SO. It's a new country for them and they will be very uncomfortable. And long term relationships aren't that grand either.

  • I can understand your frustrations but an American woman wouldn't move across the world, she'd miss her friends, family and culture. It's awesome you are going to move to Japan and feel at ease there but it's the cultural difference and the moving clear across the world thing that turns those women off. You'll have to find a woman with your same interests maybe even a woman from japan that's white/American. Our military has a base on Okinawa.


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