Too scared to ask him out, help please?

Tonight I had the perfect opportunity to ask out a coworker I really like. It was an outside of work function where I could have possibly asked him without other coworkers overhearing, and I was too scared to try. It's so frustrating being so afraid of rejection and feeling you're not good enough or pretty enough to ask someone out. My friends keep telling me I have nothing to lose, just do it and I can bring myself to.


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  • I would advise against dating a co-worker. It rarely ends well.

    • I agree it can be risky. But at the same time I need to know if he's interested so I don't end up thinking "what if" later. Also that way if he ends up saying no, I can at least move on.

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    • Ah... scared but determined! That in itself is attractive!

    • Lol thanks. Although I think at this point the scared part of me is overpowering the determined part 😜

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  • I have the same problem. I'm scared to ask her out and endanger our friendship and I have had a few good opportunities to do so.


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  • Personally I would either just come out and say it or drop settle hints. Some offices or companies don't want coworkers dating tho so be careful incase that is the case where you work

    • Yes I've been very careful. No one else at work knows I like him.

  • No one ever wakes up 20 years from now and says "Thank God I didn't ask that guy from work out." Who knows what could happen? This could boost your self-esteem and make you more confident. Every new experience helps us grow as an individual. You fuckin' go girl!

    • LOL thanks girl!!! 😊