So i'm writing an ask out speech... but I don't know what to write?

Okay so I like this guy and I am planing on asking him out... I already know he likes me... I was thinking of what to say to him and all I came up with was... I'm not perfect... I don't have a pretty face or an amazing body and at times I can be a handful. I've known you for 2-3 years now and you always find a way to make me think the opposite of that. Your funny and caring. I remember the day i first met you. Right then and there I knew my life would never be the same... That's all I can think of saying... what else should I write? We have a complicated past together. I don't know, should i touch upon that in my speech.


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  • It's good to be aware of those complecations but I think you should focus on the bright side of the speech. Good for you for being bold for this whole thing.

    • honestly he wouldn't get a hint if it slapped him upside the head and said hey hint hint... so why not ask him out.. its the 21 century after all:) thank you ill keep that in mind

    • Hahaha