Should I message him?

Long story short, met this guy on Tinder. Our first date was the evening before I need to fly home for the summer. Date was fun and we made out after he walked me home. We exchanged phone number and he messaged me the other day saying that its a pity I'm flying back home and he wish me well.
It turns out that now when I'm back in my home country I miss the excitement of him, i really want to talk to him but this seems a stupid idea given that 1. we met off tinder 2. i seems desperate to be the one initiating the convo as I'm stuck overseas 3. what is the point of messaging when I'm not gonna to be back in like a month time
So guys, should I just wait until I get back and message him to see if he still want to hang OR its ok to message him over tinder and talk about... (i actually don't know what to talk about now since we already made out)

Can I get some help thanks
Any more help guys?


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  • I think is better if you wait until you go back. Long distance is never the same. Just be patient, it'll be worth it. And if he truly cares about you, he'll wait and will be glad to hear back from you.


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