Potential mate goes out drinking and partying every night?

I'm currently getting to know and date this guy.
He goes out drinking at bars or partying every night.
Once a week we go out on dates. He texts me every day or calls.
He sends me a lot of snap chats of what he's doing.
He tells me where he's going but I don't know with who.
He works but doesn't go to school and lives with his parents. (25 years old)
I'm okay with that, I don't judge.
But it just doesn't sit right that he gets drunk every single night.
He only expresses his affection to me when he's drunk.
I don't know what to do. Should I walk away from this before I even might get into a relationship with him?
He could be with other girls and I don't even know. It bothers me so much. I'm literally torn because I want to date him but I don't know if I can trust him... He said he's really interested in me. But I don't know.

  • I would leave
  • I'd work it out with him
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  • I'm unsure if his trying to impress you or what. But it seems like his stuck in that "partying phase"
    I would probably not stick around. But that is totally up to you. That phase usually goes during a couple of years or so

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