Worried my boyfriends old drug habits could kick up again?

So yeah, I met this guy like 2 years back but it was only really a case of saying hi when we'd see each other.

However this may, I bumped into him again on a night out and we began talking. Since then, I guess you could say we grew rather fond of each other and have been dating for the past 6 weeks.

Anyway, my boyfriend admitted to me that he used to have a habit of meddling with drugs since about the age of 16 and up. He's the kinda guy who apparently was able to use drugs and no one would even be able to tell.

It got to the point that the drugs were catching up with him, and taking over his life. So he had a breakdown and stopped using. He finds it very hard to be around people who use drugs now.

Anyway, he said the last time he did it was when he'd been really drunk. His friend offered him a line, and he took it. This was the night id met him out.

I'm pretty anti-drugs? And I know he's tried so hard to stop and all, but I still just worry about it. I know he can feel tempted at times. And tonight he's away out with his friends... and I just worry that he ends up taking drugs of some sort I guess :/


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