How to get rid of my attraction for a bad boy once and for all?

I have met him in 2009, got my heart broken a few times and finally made the decision to delete him from my life till some months ago. I am no longer in love, but I never entirely forgot him.
We live in different countries and he has a girlfriend. I did not know and as soon as he told me I decided to just let it be even if he said he still has feelings for me despite the fact that he is in a relationship.
However, in the meantime I met Mr. Perfection. This other guy is everything I look for in a man. We click intellectually, sex is good, I enjoy spending time together, my family loves him, I really like him and he is crazy about me. We have a potential that can develop over time. We share values and interests.
Rationally, he is the right guy for me. He is worth my time and attention: He has all the qualities I look for in a man. The 'bad boy' lacks of those qualities, but I was head over heels for him. Even if he is not part of my life anymore I still have some feelings left somewhere deep inside. I feel incredibly guilty toward my date. I sincerely like him so much to give us a chance and I honestly think that I won't find another guy like him, but I cannot help what is left for the 'bad' one.
I am a girl with daddy s issues and my parents are divorced. I think my attraction for the wrong guy depends on it. I think that for once in my life I found an healthy relationship and it scares me to death. Nonetheless, that knowledge does not make it better.


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  • Typical sloot logic. You literally describe him as perfect in a paragraph and still find a BS way to not be with him. Do you understand why guys treat girls like shit? Prime example here.

  • You can't.. Girls are naturally into bad boys. Its nature


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